The Candidate Experience Starts with You!

Theoretically, your candidate’s first impression of your company comes from you. In that initial call or email, your tone, knowledge and the way you present your client/company makes an imprint So, what is it that you want to say? 

Every company has its own tone and culture. As recruiters and sourcers, it’s important for us to know the culture and align our candidate communication. Is the company you’re working for fun and playful? Than maybe a subject like “Join XYZ Company Softball Team” could work. Is it an intense work environment? Then maybe something like “Work Hard at XYZ and Enhance Your Experience As We Grow” is more appropriate. 

It’s important for recruiters and sourcer to know the culture of the company they are recruiting because those are the questions candidates ALWAYS ask. If they are going to spend more time at work than at home, the feel and culture needs to align with what makes them comfortable.  

Ways to find out about culture (besides asking), is looking at a company’s website, Glassdoor, Twitter and Facebook feeds, along with their Muse site (if they have one) and any articles that are out there about what it’s like working there.   

The culture experience doesn’t stop with that first reach-out. It continues through the recruiting process to onboarding and beyond. When you have a new req/client, remember: 

  1. Know the company and group culture well and mirror it in all of your communications with candidates. 
  2. Be prepared for culture questions about the workplace. Make sure there are plenty of culture questions in your intake process so that you are knowledgeable for your candidates. 
  3. Help your clients build and manage culture as they onboard your candidates. 
  4. Introduce your clients to the idea of building culture, and remind them of the importance of being true to culture and talking about it, and interviewing for it, as part of the recruiting process.

We are reflections of our company/clients, building brand, PR and feeling around our clients. We can pique curiosity, get someone interested, teach people about new opportunities and technologies, and help them along their career path. 

When you communicate along company cultural lines, you help people decide if it’s a place they want to be. When we are looking to match companies and candidates, cultural fit is #1. 

Will Staney

Will is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies, LLC and the former Head of Global Talent Acquisition at rapidly-growing startups Twilio andGlassdoor. Prior to that he held recruiting leadership roles at enterprise software leaders VMwareSuccessFactors and SAPwhere he lead strategic programs includingemployer brandingsourcing strategy, recruiting operations and systems process design.

During his over 7 years as a recruiting practitioner, after 10 years in sales and marketing, he developed a passion for building what he calls "modern recruiting machines". He would push innovation from the inside, execute on his vision, and once it was realized he would pass the torch on to those he had mentored and move on to his next challenge. He was destined to start a consultancy so he could help as many companies as possible adopt a more proactive recruiting strategy with community in mind.

In his free time, Will enjoys riding his motorcycle, trying out the newest gadgets, and spending time with his two kids, Foster and Felicity.