Introducing: OnDemand Recruiting™

We’ve all had these weeks... the Head of Engineering comes strolling by the Talent Acquisition team one fine Monday morning and nonchalantly says, “Hey team, we are planning for the build out of a new product and need to hire 20 engineers and 7 technical architects over the next 3 months.”

Oh no! We know two things: we don’t have those candidates in the pipeline and our team can’t handle that kind of volume on short notice. OK, what do we do? New recruiters? No time. Retained or contingency search? No Budget. How about RPO? Nah, this is a short term need. Now, what? Have you considered OnDemand Recruiting™ ?  

At Proactive Talent Strategies, we are continuing our mission to evolve the way companies hire with our latest service offering, OnDemand Recruiting™. This offering is designed to help build recruiting teams and talent pipelines... fast!

We've heard from many of our clients that in addition to helping them build a long-term strategy for their hiring, they'd like to partner with a company who already has in-depth knowledge of their strategy and employer brand, and is well positioned to help them with an immediate sourcing or recruiting need while helping to build out their overall strategy.

From this, came our OnDemand offering, which can be stand-alone or coupled with our consulting services to help you keep up with demand while we help you build out a more proactive recruiting strategy.

With OnDemand, you get a team of experienced and market savvy recruiters who work directly with your recruiting team to help fill those 27 roles over the next 3 months. This cost effective solution is structured on hours worked, not crazy percentages of first-year salary and administration fees.  Using the latest technology, sourcing and assessment techniques, our experts drive qualified, high-quality talent into your pipeline to fill those roles.

So how does it work? Easy. Once we have the spec and have agreed on the points of contact and overall timelines our team gets to work. You’ll get weekly, real-time updates from our team and the full list of sourced candidates is yours at the end of each project! Want to hire somebody from that list 3 months later? Go ahead, no charge!

With today’s business expectations and rapid advancements in social media and modern technology, it is imperative that companies evolve the way they recruit and attract talent.

Are you going through an unpredictable hiring spike? Do you have a number of challenging niche roles that you need to fill immediately? Looking to recruit the best talent to join your team? Or do you have a few special projects that need a little more recruiting attention?

Proactive Talent Strategies can be a valuable partner for your TA team, giving you the freedom to work your overall strategy to your priority, schedule or productivity requirements while retaining control over all recruiting and hiring decisions.

Will Staney

Will is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Proactive Talent Strategies, LLC and the former Head of Global Talent Acquisition at rapidly-growing startups Twilio andGlassdoor. Prior to that he held recruiting leadership roles at enterprise software leaders VMwareSuccessFactors and SAPwhere he lead strategic programs includingemployer brandingsourcing strategy, recruiting operations and systems process design.

During his over 7 years as a recruiting practitioner, after 10 years in sales and marketing, he developed a passion for building what he calls "modern recruiting machines". He would push innovation from the inside, execute on his vision, and once it was realized he would pass the torch on to those he had mentored and move on to his next challenge. He was destined to start a consultancy so he could help as many companies as possible adopt a more proactive recruiting strategy with community in mind.

In his free time, Will enjoys riding his motorcycle, trying out the newest gadgets, and spending time with his two kids, Foster and Felicity.