Are you really “competing” for talent, or just chasing after them?

It’s very easy to look at massive companies, the cool companies whose leaders end up on the covers of magazines, the ones with massive valuations and words like “hyper-growth” and “unicorn status” and think you can’t compete for talent with the likes of them. It’s very easy to say that it’s impossible to compete for great talent because your company isn’t as “cool” or “obvious” as theirs.

So if the first step to winning the talent fight is having a strategy that leverages your company’s strengths, customized to your unique situation. Do you have one? Or are you doing it the same old way.

This isn’t about new tech or new ad units. It’s about understanding what unique offer you can make to specific candidates that will intrigue and attract real talent.

Slapping new tech on top of your old strategy is like trying to hammer a screw into a wall with a bigger hammer. Maybe it will work, but that’s an expensive way to make a big mess, especially when there’s a better way.

Is it time to consider an employer brand strategy?

The terms “employer branding” and “employer brand strategy” are a bit buzz-worthy these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad. Proper employer brand looks at your company’s unique situation: what you offer candidates, what they like about you, who you’re trying to hire and who you’re competing against, and develops a position that sets you apart, that feeds candidates a compelling reason to apply to you.

Once you have a smart strategy, you can apply it to all your existing recruitment marketing channels and tactics and quickly see the impact.

The first step to winning the fight for talent starts here:

Strategy is a process, not a product

Anyone who sells you a strategy off a shelf is selling you an expensive binder. Strategies are unique and can only be crafted from the ground up, after understanding your company’s position and setting a plan that you can actually accomplish.

This takes research, conversation, and development. We need to talk to your staff, look at your competition, and evaluate what you’re already doing before we can set the direction and create a useful map for you.

The end result is a roadmap which spells out exactly what you need to do in order to compete against anyone for talent. Strategy may be abstract, but what it delivers is 100% tangible and actionable. And because we partner with you and are transparent every step of the way, you will easily learn how to execute the strategy.

What to expect

Plenty of other companies promise partnership, but do they invite the entire recruiting team to join weekly status calls? Do they teach the process of how to develop a brand promise? Do they share critical insights as they find them? Do they deliver frameworks to evaluate new ideas? Do they train your staff on how to write better job postings on their own?

We’re successful when you’re successful, which means there is a component of training and coaching. We show you how the magic gets done so you can continue it after we’re done.

If you’re ready to reinvent your hiring strategy and make the impact your company your needs, this is the first step.