Agency Services and Consulting:

As recruitment marketing becomes more complex, we find that our client’s needs are very different and constantly changing. How candidates look for work is evolving as technology changes, and it’s imperative that employers stay on the cutting edge. The common pain-points and problems our agency services and consulting can alleviate and solve are:

  • Time

  • Budget

  • Data

  • Knowledge

  • Technology

  • Results

  • Vendor calls

How we Engage:

There is no one-size-fits all strategy. Proactive Talent will discuss with our clients their current recruitment marketing strategy and customize a relationship that fits for them. Our goal is to get a firm understanding of your objective and mission. In some cases, we operate as a full-service digital recruitment media agency of record, planning, buying and optimizing campaigns across all digital channels. In others, we provide strategic consulting services, assisting our clients as they are planning targeted recruitment projects and hiring initiatives.

  1. Customer Intake (Discovery)

  2. Project Scoping

  3. Media Planning

  4. Media Execution

  5. Media Management

  6. Media Analysis & Reporting

  7. Ongoing Vendor Management

  8. Ongoing Support

What is Agency of Record?

Agency of Record is an agreement with Proactive Talent that gives us full authority to negotiate, contract, and provide direction to media channels on our client’s behalf; under your direction. In the Recruiting Marketing context, when Proactive Talent manages a customer's entire annual/fiscal year online media recruiting spend. Proactive Talent manages all aspects of media, including handling the billing and accounting of the client’s advertising spend:

  • Contract management

  • Vendor management

  • Campaign management

  • Media planning & buying

  • Reporting & strategic support

In most cases, media channels offer agency of records a small commission on each transaction, similar to a financial advisor. This allows Proactive Talent to provide this consulting with these agency media buying services and consulting at no extra cost to our customers. Although, there are rare instances where some types of media do not apply to this type of model. In those cases, Proactive Talent provides full-transparency and options for consideration.

Additional customized agency services, for example involving creative development of digital content, are available to be scoped and quoted upon request.

Pay for Performance & Programmatic:

Programmatic technology has changed the way employers can access talent. The mindset and strategy that helped employers succeed in the manual (“post and pray”) era simply do not apply to a landscape where most media is digital, and a vast majority of media channels can be transacted in biddable, pay for performance environments.

We’ve setup Proactive Talent to maximize around pay for performance and programmatic from the start. Our strategy is fueled by an approach that is data-driven, fast, fluid and results-obsessed. What is pay for performance? Instead of paying for traditional job postings, You only pay when a candidate clicks or applies to your jobs, so you eliminate wasted ad spend. What is programmatic? Programmatic technology uses predictive analytics, real-time data, and programmatic bidding to maximize your recruitment results for better cost, volume, and quality.

Using pay per performance and programmatic media buying, our clients can trim the fat from their advertising spend and optimize towards the muscle, ultimately lowering media costs and increasing quality candidates.

Benefits of PFP & Programmatic:

  • Increase applicant volume + eliminate wasted spend

  • Extend your talent reach to more channels

  • Pay-Per-Performance; optimized on key performance metrics

  • Reduce your cost-per-applicant by 30%*

  • Prioritize your jobs that need applicants

  • Automatically un-sponsor the ones that have received enough

*This metric is according to leading programmatic software vendor and individual employer results may vary.   

Data-Driven Recruitment Advertising:

The paradigm in today’s world is that employers have hundreds, if not thousands of media options to select from. Our team has been working with recruitment media technology and digital platforms for over 15 years. Our team will work closely with your campaigns to continually analyze, evaluate and optimize to maximize the best media mix, performance and results as possible. Many companies talk about the importance of data and technology – whereas these are our founding principles.

Types of Campaigns:

  • Programmatic

  • Hard-to-Fill campaign

  • Volume-based campaign

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Military & Veteran recruitment

  • College recruitment

  • Career Fair recruitment

  • Employer Brand Awareness

  • Social Awareness

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS (Text) Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay Per Performance

  • Digital Display (Banner)

  • Re-targeting

Fueled with Industry Experience:

At Proactive Talent we have the soul of the startup, backed by years of experience managing media engagements for many of the world’s most iconic brands. We are fast, nimble, curious and hungry. With our combined experience we know to never assume the way we did things yesterday is the best way to do things in the future; when we find a better way, we turn our ideas into tangible products that benefit our clients.