There are managers and then there are leaders. We'll find you leaders.  

There are fundamental differences between looking for a manager and finding great leadership. Any manager can follow a set of systems and processes laid out by his/her predecessor, but it takes a visionary leader to transform a company and elevate it to the next level. Proactive Talent understands this difference and we won't stop at finding your company a suitable manager we'll go one step further and find a great leader.  

Proactive Talent understands that finding great leadership is hard and hiring an outside executive search firm can cost upwards of $100K. Our costs are much lower because of our unique approach to finding leadership roles within your company. With the use of a combined network from our various consultants across different verticals we're able to place executives and senior leadership in no time.  

Proactive Talent leverages a unique network of practitioners and key influencers to help you find your next executive.

Company transformations take place when visionary leadership converges on a company, defines a path, plans accordingly, and sees the mission through total fulfillment. Let Proactive Talent Strategies find you your next leader at a fraction of the cost of what other search contingencies firms will charge you. Learn more about what we offer and how we can get started today by clicking the button below.