count on us to source quality hires at a third of the cost.

Whether you’re a global company looking to hire fifty sales reps in the next 90 days or a startup needing to expand your development team by ten, Proactive Talent has your back.  

The average corporate recruiter has anywhere from 20 to 30 openings at any given time which equates to over 6,000 resumes seen each month and little time to proactively source passive candidates. With Proactive Talent’s Sourcing Sprints, we’ll take the hard work out of finding your next hire at a third of the cost.  

During a Sourcing Sprint, Proactive Talent’s highly experienced team of sourcing researchers will generate over 200 qualified profiles in two short weeks with the information necessary to campaign again and again in the future. We offer unmatched transparency to metrics and the flexibility to change the profile after every sprint.  

Why Use proactive talent?

  • We offer full transparency into metrics which leads to better, more qualified hires

  • We offer higher, more accurate visibility compared to using LinkedIn Recruiter and an in-house sourcer.

  • With external recruiters you don’t own the database of candidates they generate for you

  • We can fill the sourcing gap so your recruiters can quickly ramp up a new position and get qualified sourced candidates into the hiring process twice as fast.

  • Because we’re also employer branding experts, you can be sure we’ll make sure your brand is represented accurately in the sourcing process and outreach campaigns.

A Sourcing Sprint is a one-time fee with work delivered in just two weeks. Contact us today and let us help you find quality candidates.