We provide activity-based skills training for planning, executing and evaluating interviews. We teach your teams how to use a structured interviewing process to increase interview consistency, develop great listening and follow-up question asking skills and make better hiring decisions based on the information gathered through your team's interview process.

Additionally, our activity-based approach to training includes skill building exercises to increase active listening skills, reduce the influence of unconscious bias in decision-making, and make your interviewers confident in their ability to read and react to unexpected situations in live interview scenarios.

The following classes are led and taught by Dave Collins. If you don't see what you're looking for -- let's us know and we'll help create a customized program to fit your needs. 

List of Available Trainings

Reducing Unconscious Bias in Interviewing

We’ll work to align your team on how to consistently use new interviewing tools to clearly and consistently identify company values across a diverse group of candidates. This training teaches interviewers how to reduce bias by using "values-based" interviewing structures that reduce the need to "go with your gut" to make evaluations of a candidate's ability to succeed in a role.

Structured Interviewing

This training introduces the concept of "structured interviewing" and provides a step by step guide to implementing structure in your team's interviewing process. We'll walk your team through different types of interview questions, what to expect to learn with each type and how to listen for specific answers that demonstrate a job candidate's abilities in a clear and defensible way.

Active Listening for Interviewers

In an interview, it’s not enough to ask the right questions, you also need your interviewers to listen deeply to all verbal and non-verbal information provided in an answer. Active listening means listening to the entire answer a candidate gives, including their body language, tone and words. In this training, we'll squash bad listening habits and teach new techniques to ensure your interviews capture the maximum possible amount of information in the short amount of time they have for each interview.

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