Practitioner led training -- the way it should be. 


Training should be done by those who have dug their heels in the sand and been in your place more times than you have. The training offered by Proactive Talent Strategies is unique in the sense that all of our workshops and improv classes are taught by those who have -- been there done that. 

If you're looking to boost your recruiting team's ability to find, attract and recruit the best talent look no further.

Our custom training is available in half-day sessions (2 workshops + hands-on practice time) or full-day sessions (4 workshops + hands-on practice time), offered onsite at your office location or remotely via online webinars. Basically, you tell us what you need and we'll find the right consultant to fit your needs. 

Contact us to learn everything you need to know about today's cutting edge tools, techniques and tips to give your recruiting team the edge it needs to compete in today's ever-changing market.