Employer Branding: Your Most Powerful Strategic Asset in the Fight for Better Talent


The ability to attract and and retain talent is the tangible strategic business asset that fuels growth and innovation. That ability starts with a strong, clear and well-communicated employer brand.

Employer branding or talent branding isn’t a fad. It’s not a clever idea or cool tactic. It’s how you can take what’s unique and valuable about your business and highlight it to prospects, helping people project themselves into your roles and seeing a brighter future for themselves.

In the fight to bring a higher level of talent to your company, a well-established and authentic employer brand makes recruiting easier, hiring more effective, and aligns all aspects of the business around a single narrative. 

Our approach is based on years of experience helping startups to Fortune 100 and 1000 companies define and activate their employer brand. We take a hands-on approach to reveal the core of who you are, train your recruiting teams and internal stakeholders to become effective brand ambassadors and give them the tools they need to enhance your recruiting reach and results. 

Every company has a compelling brand story. We’ll work with you to identify, assess, and evangelize yours so that you can start building a community of top talent and get proactive with your hiring. 

We can help with:

  • Revealing, defining and shaping your employer brand and employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Weaving your brand into all outgoing and social recruiting channels
  • Creating a strategy that turns your brand into a strategic business asset
  • 360-degree audit of your candidate journey
  • Brand positioning audit against your talent’s competitive set
  • Glassdoor, LinkedIn and job description brand activation and alignment
  • Content strategy and execution
  • Candidate experience audit and support

We take a holistic approach to helping you leverage all aspects of your business to hire better talent. 


Employer Branding at GoDaddy
a Proactive Talent Strategies Case Study


Growth is a good problem to have, and it's where GoDaddy, the world's largest domain name registrar and web hosting company, found itself in 2015. Struggling to hire the number of engineers needed to support its thriving business, Proactive Talent Strategies brought an employer branding strategy that transformed GoDaddy's recruiting and hiring, and doubled the number of engineering job applications in less than a year.