Hire a team of experienced hourly contract recruiters

When you have unexpected fluctuations in your recruiting demands, Proactive Talent's OnDemand Recruiting™ solution can augment your existing recruitment team to extend your hiring capabilities. 

Our experienced hourly recruiting and sourcing professionals provide the expertise and guidance you need to manage organizational change with flexible and scalable talent acquisition solutions. We help you respond to fluctuations in your market and launch growth initiatives with fast ramp-up and ramp-down, giving you access to our proven market analysis, sourcing strategies, and recruitment processes.

We partner with you with full-lifecycle recruiting or partial recruitment process support, giving you the freedom to work within your business schedule or productivity requirements.

Why Choose Proactive Talent OnDemand Recruiting™?

OnDemand Recruiting™ gives you access to our extensive talent network of professionals, deep industry knowledge, and extensive experience:

  • Our recruiters can be activated quickly

  • Very cost-effective solution over traditional contingency recruiting

  • We provide dedicated resource(s) with the right skills, experience and accountability

  • Our team is armed with the latest sourcing tools and technology - no added expense for you

  • Option to turn on or off monthly with no extra fees

  • Seamless integration into your existing recruiting and HR teams

  • Insight regarding current best practices, market analysis, and sourcing strategies

  • Highly scalable solutions

  • Knowledge-driven recruiting based on the specific needs of your industry

We follow your existing workflow and operate within your current ATS to ensure high quality hires, prompt time-to-submit, and exceptional service. You retain control over all hiring decisions, strategy decisions, recruitment policies, employment branding, requirement settings, and day-to-day interactions with the recruiting team.

Our goal is to supplement and co-manage your recruiting process as you grow your business with skilled, qualified talent.