The Candidate Experience + Brand Takeover

In this white paper you'll learn how to create a better candidate experience by first understanding your ideal candidate while using your employer brand to create a unique and impressionable candidate experience.

The Robots are Here! How AI Has Shaped Recruiting

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is still perceived in the mass market as a tool of the future, but the robots are already here in recruiting. Learn about how AI has reshaped this industry and what tools you can use to get ahead of the curve.

50 Tools Every Sourcer and Recruiter Needs To Know

As sourcers and recruiters, we all operate with the same 24-hour day. Sometimes those days feel long, and other times they aren’t long enough for everything we need to get done. But a smart recruiter knows that utilizing sourcing tools is the secret to tackling those big to-do lists. Let the tools do the work for you. Here are 50 available tools that every sourcer and recruiter should know.

Lights, Camera, Apply!

Video has become essential in today’s ever-advancing world, as technology moves in leaps and bounds daily. These days, most people learn and consume information through video on a daily basis. Often times great recruiting is changing perceptions, and hopefully this Whitepaper will do just that - by giving you a fresh perspective of how to use video in your recruiting strategy.